membership guidelines


CAMDO-ODMAC serves as a convener and catalyst for public art museum and gallery directors who lead a diversity of visual arts institutions across Canada. The unique role played by CAMDO-ODMAC within the arts sector accounts for the organization’s longevity (founded in 1964), record of continuous activity, and strong relevance to its membership. CAMDO-ODMAC provides the only forum for directors to engage in frank and open discussion of the opportunities, issues, and challenges they face in running art institutions, and in collecting, presenting, and promoting the visual arts for all Canadians.

CAMDO-ODMAC maintains an outward focus on the broad visual arts ecology while strengthening the capacity of its members to serve their publics. CAMDO-ODMAC believes passionately that art and artists enable people to better understand themselves and others. Art museum and gallery directors facilitate these encounters, understandings, and transformations. CAMDO-ODMAC provides the tools, knowledge, insights, and connections that enable directors to be effective leaders, and advocates for the sector at large.


CAMDO-ODMAC is an organization of individuals. Membership rests with the individual rather than with the institution.

Read about membership guidelines and the application process in the attached documents.